Chemical Grouting

Chemical Grout is a process used on sands with low fine content. This procedure creates a sandstone like mass that gives strength, allows for excavation, and lessen the groundwater migration on soils.
It is a process in which the chemical mixtures are injected to:
●         increased the soil bearing capacity,
●         soil stabilization and modification,
●         shut down the groundwater from flowing on foundation support,
●         and it improves the cohesion of the soil.

Uses of Chemical Grouting

  • ●      Geo Ground Grout Modification Specialist Inc. has successfully used chemical mixture for applications, such as sand soil solidification. Listed below are some best options on this technique.
    ○      Provide Excavation support
    ○      Stabilize tunnel headings
    ○      Prevent Soil Settlement
    ○      Erosion Control
    ○      Groundwater shutoff
    ○      Slope Stabilizing
    ○      Fissured Rock
    ○      Dams and Landfill Groundwater shutoff
    ○      Reduced Liquefaction Potential

Advantages of Chemical Grouting

  • ●      It is the injection of one and more chemical mixture material into soil to develop an impervious sandstone-like mass. It creates an immediate stone through sand matter. Consider as most efficient technique on stabilizing soils and to slow groundwater migration. Here are some of the list wherein the system is advantageous.
    ○      Cost Efficient
    ○      Flexibility
    ○      Risk reduction
    ○      Less Noise pollution
    ○      Minimal Access
    ○      Design Simplicity

Advantages of Chemical Grouting

  • Chemical Grouting on applications may be performed either expanding or non expanding grout.

Disadvantage of Displacement Grouting

  • Can create excessive ground heave

Non-expanding Chemical Grouts

Non-expanding chemical mixture are generally used to bind loose soils to improve bearing capacity.  Non-expanding chemical polyurethane resins react with water in the treated soil (water can also be introduced, if needed).  Catalyzers are used to control the reaction speed of single component chemical mixture.  Depending on the application, desired compressive strength and soil type, we install non-expanding chemical mixture from various manufacturers

Expanding Chemical Grouts

Expanding chemical mixture are typically prepolymers.  It offers a lower peak compressive strengths of the treated materials.  Prepolymers can treat more volume of soil per unit of mixture than non-expanding chemical mixture.  Therefore, expanding chemical mixture are used primarily for reducing migration of flowing soils and reducing water flow through soils.  Expanding chemical mixture  are excellent for water cut-off applications.  Acrylamides, which are frequently used in the grouting of sanitary sewers fall into this category.
Chemical Grout is also used for Foundation repair, to lift and stabilize slab foundations. The mixture are injected and expands up to 20 – 25 times its initial volume considering weight bearing capacity. The injection can be used for filling voids, create upward lifting, alignment of foundation slabs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemical Grouting

The advantage of chemical grouting it is widely used as an alternative for deep foundation repairs on cases such as unconsolidated granular soils underneath concrete slabs and foundations. Chemical grouting soil stabilization is cleaner, Less disruptive, Fast phase.
The disadvantage of chemical grouting it does not allowed further elevation corrections compared to other foundation repairs. On some cases polyurethane grouting is used for slab or foundation settlement repair.

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