Liquefaction relates to an event where saturated, loose, cohesionless soils lose strength due to earthquake ground motion, usually resulting in critical damage to overlying formations. Whether planned or existing establishments, Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialist, Inc., can accommodate a liquefaction mitigation solution for your project.

Common Uses

  • Prevent liquefaction persuaded bearing capacity failure
  • Manage seismic settlement
  • Stop oblique spreading
  • Stop decrease in deep foundation support
When seismic strengths hit full, loose, granular layers, the free soil structure contracts, allowing excess pore water pressure, followed by a reduction in soils’ strength. These can cause the soil to perform as a viscous liquid.
The results of liquefaction for depthless foundations include the loss of conveying capacity, excessive settlement, oblique spreading, and flow failures. In deep foundations, liquefaction can create a reduction in oblique position, additional down drag forces, and other demand on the piles from oblique developing or flow failures.
The presence of liquefiable soil does not mean the building site has to abandoned, or that deep foundation is required. In situ remediation of loose, cohesionless soils has become a standard application in geotechnical engineering. Earthquake drains can give adequate soil liquefaction mitigation by disappearing the pore pressure before approaching dangerous levels.
We are actively committed to research linked to earthquake engineering. Working with owners and their geotechnical engineers, we can help in determining the optimal solution.

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