Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists, Inc. plans and constructs cost-effective build or design-build geotechnical solutions for the manufacturing sector. For 33 years of reliable foundation, Geo Grout has helped major manufacturing facilities throughout the country.
Our effective planning keeps projects on schedule for planned or existing plants, material handling facilities, and distribution hubs. Our situational experience throughout construction helps to ensure safe and efficient work.
Our foundation methods can provide the small settlement tolerances needed by sensitive machinery to operate within specifications. Frequently construction at industrial and manufacturing plants must be performed in restricted access. Our teams safely work in overcrowded areas in active facilities with special equipment. We can mobilize instantly to your site to stabilize distressed structures so your facility can get back on task.

Minimal Interruption

Our specialists work efficiently and discreetly, maintaining accurate data and up-to-date results to minimize interruption to daily activities and protect the welfare of our clients’ operations and their employees.

Expert Project Management

We understand the significance of managing each project’s day-to-day operations – including process design compliance issues and allowing or health and safety problems.

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