When it comes to mines, ground improvement & geotechnical services have become an increasingly prominent issue. Projects concerning mines call for complete knowledge of the limitations and specifications of its settings.
Settlement controls and mitigation requirements must be analyzed carefully to avoid any possible technical issues. The most effective foundation solutions generally call for a combination of ground improvement procedures suited to the mining application.
The range of procedures provided by Geo Grout enables it to deal with most issues related to slope stabilization, underground grouting, the formation of cut off walls to help mining activity and assist in dealing with mine tailing.
Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists, Inc., has been involved in several projects across California to facilitate transport of mining products and improve all types of mining foundations such as task, processing facilities, warehouses, intermodal facilities, etc.

Support Services Across your Supply Chain

Our specialists learn how to get the best results for your project, with experience spanning hard and soft rock mining methods, open pit and underground mining accompanying regulatory compliance and financial due diligence.
Our specialists work intimately with you to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, working with you at all steps of the project life cycle from target generation to safe mine closure.
Our services vary from innovative spatial data management solutions to leading geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring systems, analytical quality control and hydraulic transport applications.

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Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists, Inc., is dedicated to meeting the current and future needs of our industrial and mining clients. We focus on doing what we know how to do best: being client advocates while encouraging the professional growth of our staff.

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