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Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists Inc. provides geotechnical solutions to soil engineers for overbudget projects with a cost-effective approach. If you would like to reduce overruns in your structural engineering project for the commercial market sector, including office buildings, hotels, distribution centers, structures, highways, rail, waterways, industrial and governmental. Call 800-Go-Grout

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We understand the specific needs related to the commercial sector for both existing and purposed structures. Existing structures experiencing compact can be stabilized, underpinned, or re-leveled while decreasing the disruption of commercial operations. Ground improvement is frequently applied to allow for shallow foundation support on sites underlain by poor soils.
If a deep foundation system is required, we can design and construct ones to meet the project’s needs. We work efficiently to finish our work on schedule so your building’s construction can begin on time.


Development of higher retail or commercial sites is a fast-paced and competitive market sector. As a single source for a wide scope of solutions, we help analyze our clients’ projects and create new efficiencies. We partner with them the whole way to decrease complexity, innovative solutions, and get projects done safely and quickly.
Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists, Inc. employs state of the art technology, equipment, materials, and methods and apply our high-performance standards to each and every job. We manage both large and small commercial projects promptly with determined quality and service.
Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists, Inc. has a wide range of techniques to provide you with the best ground improvement and structural repair solution available today. Call us at (415) 285-2400 for more detailed information on our services or email us directly at inquiries@gggms.com.


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