Permeation grouting consists of injecting a flowable grout into granulated soils conditions to form a solid cohesive mass.  To achieve the highest quality, Permeation grouting is performed under safe controlled, low-pressure injection with experienced personnel in order to permeate the designed grout zones without inducing fracturing.
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Common applications include:
– Permeation grouting sands and gravel for temporary shoring and underpinning for safety in excavation
– Reduces the flow of intrusive groundwater with flowable grout to provide an underground water shutoff
– Mitigation/prevention of liquefaction for seismic upgrades creates resistants to seismic activity (Earthquakes)

Technical Details

Engineered Permeation grouting techniques can be used for underpinning, excavation, shoring, or a combination of the three making it a cost-effective and safe selection to standard shoring systems.
  • Strengthen or solidify sands and gravels
  • Repairing structural & rock formations
  • Reduces the flow of groundwater
  • Stabilize soils for tunneling
  • Grout prisms for jacking & receiving pits

Permeation Grouting

Permeation Grouting is also known as cement grouting loading pores in granular soil with flowable particulate grouts. The grout particle size and void size must be organized well to allow the cement grout to permeate.
Depending on the circumstances, microfine cement or portland cement grouts are entered under pressure at designed locations and stages through single ‘port’ or multiple ‘port’ pipes. The grouted mass has increased strength, stiffness, and decreased permeability.
Permeation grouting can provide an economic benefit for underpinning applications over alternative methods such as removal and replacement or piling and can be performed where access is difficult and space is limited.
The effectiveness of permeation grouting is independent of structural connections, this process is instantly adaptable to existing foundations and can typically be accomplished without interrupting normal facility operations.

Here are some advantages of Permeation Grouting

  • Cleaner
  • Faster
  • Less Disruptive
  • Relatively economical
  • Environmentally inert

Where We Have Done It

Our methods are used in the construction sector, from residential housing, public infrastructure, and civil engineering to the energy production sectors.

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