Displacement Grouting

Displacement Grouting is a technique like compaction grout except we use pre-calculated volumes of grout enriched in Portland cement to build a soilcrete column. Typically, we construct 3-foot diameter soilcrete column but have achieved 4-foot diameter soilcrete columns.

Uses of Displacement Grouting

  • Geo Ground Grout Modification Specialist Inc. has successfully used displacement grouting for applications listed below:
    • Anti-Scour Protection
    • Grout Prisms for Jacking and Receiving Pits
    • Create Soilcrete Columns Through the New Bay Mud and to use Compaction Grout to Push Off the Columns and Densify the Upper Soils and Lift the Structure if Required.
    • Groundwater Shutoff
    • Soilcrete Wall
    • Reduced Liquefaction Potential

Advantages of Displacement Grouting

  • It is the injection of one or more grouting material into a cohesion less soil to develop an impervious sandstone-like mass. It creates an immediate stone through sand matter. Consider as most efficient techniques on stabilizing soils and to slow groundwater migration. Here are some of the list wherein chemical grouting is advantageous.
    • Cost Efficient
    • Flexibility
    • Risk reduction
    • Minimal Access
    • Design Simplicity

Disadvantage of Displacement Grouting

  • Can create excessive ground heave

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