Structural Grouting

Structural grouting is completed to improve the performance of human-made constructions. Structural grouting usually is done in tunnels and underground structures where areas mined, a structure built, and the void between the formation and the extracted material needs to fill (contact grouting). Additionally, structural grouting can be accomplished within a structure to fill cracks or correct structural deficiencies.

Common grouting programs that performed for structural causes include:

  • Changed contact grouting (combined with inflow reduction)
  • Annular space grouting
  • Backfill grouting
  • Preplaced all grouting

Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists Inc., Structural Grouting

Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists Inc. has implemented a service of structural Grouting, and GGGMS offered a full scope of services for the advice, project management and performance of the various types of grouting services. Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists Inc. provides for its clients sufficient and full technical methods and methodology using the most up to date and particular requirements for each project, on a project by project basis.

General Background and Structural Grouting

With 33 years reliable foundation in geotechnical activities, Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists Inc. systems have a wealth of experience and technical knowledge of structural grouting and repair techniques that are unique in the industry.

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