Consolidation Grouting

It is a method in which the injection grout consolidates a layer of foundation that results for higher dense soil quality. It is also used on filling the rock mass discontinuities or voids. The objective of consolidation grouting is to fill the fractures or discontinuities in a rock mass with grout. The discontinuities in a rock mass control fundamental rock mass properties such as permeability, strength, and deformability. Nature of the discontinuities is a major factor in the grouting operation.
It is commonly called on a general term for grouting to filled discontinuities on rock mass. Main process involves injecting the mixture to fill on voids which air and fluids occur on rocks. The purpose is to reduce the hydraulic gradient as the fluids and gas transfer to grout mixture and stop its flow. Here are some operations usually used on consolidation grouting.
  • Curtain Grouting
  • Water Cut-off Grouting
  • Foundation Grouting
  • Initial Excavation grouting

Application of Consolidation Grouting

Consolidation Grouting improves engineering properties of rock mass foundations will increase in number and scope as facilities age and deteriorate.
  • Construction of Dam and rehabilitation
  • Excavation and tunneling of ground stabilization surface
  • Water seepage control
  • Stream Grouting to restore lost flows
Consolidation grouting applications involves injection of grout material into underlying rock mass. The main purpose is to strengthen and reduce permeability of formation. The procedures came with the drilling of grout injection holes into rock for the purpose of intercepting fissures or cavities. And the grout is then pump under pressure.

Properties of Consolidation Grout

Consolidation grouting is generally performed by stage or stop grouting. Stage grouting is sometimes called “downstage” while stop grouting is known as “upstage” grouting. In both stage and stop grouting, the zone to be grouted is isolated by the use of packers. Each isolated zone or stage is grouted until refusal are obtained. Grout mixture is injected until refusal while the mixture is gradually thickened. The split spacing method is often implemented to reduce the risk of incomplete grout coverage. Split spacing simply means a series of primary * holes are drilled and grouted first. The distance between the primary holes is halved, and secondary holes are drilled and grouted between the primary holes. This process can continue to include tertiary and quarterly holes, as required.

Factors for a successful Consolidation Grouting

The Consolidation grouting of rock foundation is a detracting constructional system for most of the wide projects all over the world. Grouting procedures are properly managed by designer. Starting from inspection and planning, data presentation, quality works, cost issues and all other matters. That will affect the system when it comes to costing and development.
There are also factors to be considered before grouting occurs such as the:
Properties of the cement material or grout,
rock mass properties,
Soil classification,
and the Grouting techniques

Advantages of Consolidation Grouting

Low pressure grouting is done to fill voids, fracture zones, cracks. Below surface of excavated foundation is accomplished by drilling and grouting relatively shallow holes.
  • Economical when it comes to costing
  • Process is monolithic, it is needed, to control the soil settlement.
  • Grouting procedure is rapid.
  • Control fluids is concluded.

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