It is a process of grouting in which the polyurethane material is injected and expands to fill up voids and seal cracks for slab lifting and leveling. It is commonly used for waterproofing, to create barrier on flow water, structure re-leveling, seal joints and structural cracks.
Polyurethane grouting is injected under low pressure to structural members on repair mostly on slabs, walls and foundations. The grout material usually reacts when encounter water flow it will expand and fill up voids on slabs and other structural member on repair. Grout techniques consider different factors such as viscosity, time reaction, water reaction, movement of grout on voids.
Polyurethane grouting advantages are fast, cost efficient, and very effective for settlement and instability.

How Polyurethane Grouting Works

The polyurethane chemical grout expansive materials densify the shallow granular soil into a stone like mass while filling voids providing more strength on poor soil conditions. Two liquids react with each other, it will flow like liquid, then expand and hardens filling the voids.

Process of Polyurethane Grouting

  • A procedure used to densify shallow soil underneath the home, streets or right of way, the process begin on an engineering company providing an injection plan, outlining the grout port locations and depth specific on each project, the injection plans are typically 3’ to 5’ grid pattern or 3 to 5’ on centers outline of the perimeter of a structure.
  • Install injection rods on each location of the engineering plan.
  • Technician will inject the two components on the rod at each location.
  • Monitors the surrounding area heave or uplift.
  • Technician monitors the volume of the material injected on each grouting points.
  • Injection rods are remove or broken up.
  • Any remaining holes or cracks are filled with Urethane Foam Grout or Epoxy.

Advantages of Polyurethane Grouting

Polyurethane grouting has a lot of advantages compare to other methods. It is widely used for infrastructure and industrial markets for slab lifting of streets, right of way or even interior floors. Here are some of the advantages of polyurethane grouting:
  • Cleaner and uncluttered
  • Injection systems are connected to the slab or infrastructure make it easy to clean injecting materials on sites.
  • Less disturbing
  • Drill holes of injection rods are small causing the injection process to be light and less disruptive on structure members.
  • Fast phase construction
  • Due to light equipment and material, polyurethane grouting is more time efficient than any grouting methods.
  • Waterproof
  • High density polyurethane are used on this process it makes the material waterproof.
  • Cost Efficient
Due to light materials and rapid installation this method is more economical than other methods of grouting.

Where to used Polyurethane Grouting?

Polyurethane Grouting is the highly recommended method for slabs, high carrying slabs, on an organize area wherein cleanliness is observed, for surfaces with sensitive value or quality and on load sensitive areas.

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