Soil Nails

Soil Nailing is a technique used to reinforce and strengthen existing ground to stabilize slopes and excavations this process is highly recommended for cohesive soil, broken rocks, shale conditions. It consists of installing closely spaced bars, and placing a front spaced support into a slope or excavation as construction proceeds from top to bottom. And later grouted if installed in drilled holes. Not grouted Soil Nails are also possible if driven on grounds. It is a way of constructing retaining wall for excavation support, hill cuts, bridge abutments and roadways

Application of Soil Nails

Application of Soil Nailing process is preferably for support excavation, hill cuts, bridges and highways. Considering the most important things for the implementation of the process is that to start at the top and while taking the dig, wall should be extended on lift and depths. Soil nailing can be an option for this problem listed:
  • Excavation Shoring
  • Retaining walls
  • Stabilization of ground slope
  • Tunnel
  • Roadways
  • Bridge Abutments
Repair and reconstruction for infrastructures

Installation of Soil Nail

The Construction procedure starts on drilling the soil, locate the nail and steel bar target points. And after drilling has been done the nails must be inserted on holes. Then, the grout take place into the soil to develop a structural member. Then, on some cases shotcrete is constructed with wire mesh or any other reinforcement placed on a soil surface to protect the soil. And often used for aesthetic structure finishes.

Soil Nail Construction Sequence:

  1. Excavate soil cut
  2. Drilling of nail holes
  3. Install soil nails and grout
  4. Shotcrete installation for soil surface (optional)
  5. Construction from top-bottom sequence
  6. Provide final facing for aesthetic

Advantages of Soil Nails

Soil Nailing has many advantages compared to any other ground improvement techniques. Some of this advantages are enumerated below:
  • It can manage to work for a less space area.
  • Less Disruptive
  • Less damage on other structures within the vicinity
  • Minimum shoring
  • More cost efficient
  • Can be used for temporary constructions
  • Reduced inconvenience such as road traffic

Disadvantages of Soil Nails

Some of the disadvantages of soil nails are:
  • Soil nails are not applicable for large amount of groundwater seeps on excavation.
  • Permanent long term applications are not recommended.
  • Sand and gravels are not compatible on this process.
  • Not practical to use on areas with a high water table.

Soil Nail Techniques Process

Soil nailing used materials such as reinforcing bars and grout installed with an inclination of 10 to 20 degrees to the vertical. Here are some commonly used soil nail process:
  • Drilled and grouted soil nailing method
  • Wherein holes are drilled on a slope surface then nails with a diameter of 100-200mm spaced 1.5 meters on center are inserted on holes with grout.
  • Driven Soil Nailing Method
  • Commonly used for temporary stabilization, it is fast. however, it does not provide corrosion protection to the steel or nails. Diameter of nails are around 19mm to 25mm spaced at 1 meter on centers.
  • Drilling Soil Nailing Method
  • Hollow bars are used in this method, bars are drilled and grout is injected, typically faster than driven nails.
  • Jet Grouted Soil Nailing Method
  • It is used for eroding soil for creating holes in the soil surface, steel bars are installed in this hole and grout with concrete.
  • Launched Soil Nailing Method
  • In this method soil nailing steel bars are forced to the soil with a single shot using compression by an air mechanism. It is fast. Good on sliding soil conditions. Soil Nail diameter is 38mm and its length around 6m.

Consideration on Soil nailing

  • Soil nails must penetrate beyond the slip plane, the spacing of soil nails on grid pattern must be related to the soil strength and bearing capacity. The construction must be monolithic any delay may cause danger on slope stabilization.

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