Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists, Inc., can provide a variety of ground improvement solutions using state-of-the-art equipment.
Ground Modification leads to a multitude of methods that improve the engineering qualities of the ground being treated. The main properties of interest include shear strength, stiffness, and permeability. Ground modification improvements have developed into a commonly used tool to maintain foundations for a variety of structures. When a complete plan, that includes allowances for the kind of ground being modified and the surrounding structures, is designed and well executed; both time and money can be saved.
Ground improvement involves the modification of soil properties or constructing additions within the soil to obtain a required performance. Geo Grout’s experience in administering optimal ground improvement solutions spans in California is unequaled.
Our expansive range of services, in one form or another, have been successfully utilized as a ground modification.
Infrastructure projects oftentimes must be constructed on unstable ground that may settle, collapse, or be subject to slope failure. Using the advanced ground modification methods and materials, we develop current and future cost-effectiveness and diminish risks associated with new construction and rehabilitation of highways, facilities, mines, railroad tracks, and landfills, on the unsuitable ground.

What We Do

Our specialists utilize densification, soil reinforcement, and soil strengthening to develop ground conditions and stabilize slopes.

Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grouting is a very specialized grouting technique designed to stabilize or densify the existing weak soils.
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Consolidation Grouting

It is a method in which the injection grout consolidates a layer of the foundation that results for higher impermeability of the soil.
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Permeation Grouting

Permeation grouting consists of injecting a flowable grout into granulated soils conditions to form a solid cohesive mass.
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Displacement Grouting

Displacement Grouting is a technique like compaction grout except we use pre-calculated volumes of grout enriched in Portland cement to build a soilcrete column. 
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Annular Space Grouting

A grouting process in which the area between the host pipe and liner pipe are being filled by grout. 
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Jet Grouting

Jet-grouting is a process of creating “soilcrete columns” in place with a stabilizing grout mix delivered under high pressure through nozzle(s) at the end of a monitor inserted in a borehole
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Chemical Grouting

Chemical Grouting is a process in which chemical grout material is commonly used to increase its bearing capacity, soil stabilization and modification, to stop groundwater migration through soils, foundation support and to improve soil cohesion.
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Hydro Fracture Grouting

It is a grouting technique in which a low viscosity cement grout is injected under high pressure.
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Liquefaction relates to an event where saturated, loose, cohesionless soils lose strength due to earthquake ground motion, usually resulting in critical damage to overlying formations.
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Polyurethane Grouting

It is a process of grouting in which the polyurethane material is injected and expands to fill up voids and seal cracks for slab lifting and leveling.
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Structural Grouting

Structural grouting is completed to improve the performance of human-made constructions.
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Ultrafine Cement Grouting

is the process where a fluid cementitious grout is pumped under pressure to fill cracks.
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What You Can Expect

Innovative Techniques. Completed alone or with other retention methods, these ground modification techniques are just some of those we use to guarantee the best likely geotechnical solution:
  • Establishment of rigid or semi-rigid inclusions for strengthening and bridging weak ground
  • Soil mixing for strengthening weak ground conditions or formulating low permeability barriers
  • The safe and low-risk construction process
  • A low impact method for the surrounding community
  • Soil nailing for slope failure.