Albany City

Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists provides geotechnical solutions for the commercial market sector, including office buildings, hotels, distribution centers, and different structures. Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists, Inc. has the resources to excel in this environment to provide a dependable, quality product. The company has promoted strong connections with other companies of different trades by working together on these projects.

Grouting Contractor Services

Compaction Grouting – Albany City, CA

Compaction Grouting in Albany City, CA Compaction grouting applied in situations where soil densification is needed to establish a new structure or amend the soil under an existing building. Compaction grouting is typically done in loose or weak soils to mitigate settlements and also applied for sinkhole remediation.  Compaction grouting includes the injection of a [...]

Permeation Grouting – Albany City, CA

Permeation Grouting in Albany, CA Permeation Grouting is the longest-established and most generally utilized pressure grouting technique. It includes the filling of cracks, joints, or other small defects in non-cohesive soils, sand, or other porous media. Permeation Grouting helps establish sands and gravels and repairs structural developments. The method produces a solidified mass to provide [...]

Jet Grouting – Albany City, CA

Jet Grouting in Albany, CA Jet grouting is a method for mixing soil with injected cement grout in-situ to construct a cement stabilized soil. With proper quality control, the stabilized soil shows developed strength and reduced permeability. These altered properties allow the stabilized soil to worked as an engineered product for foundation support and groundwater [...]