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Permeation Grouting in Emeryville , CA

Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists, Inc., grouting techniques provide solutions to a type of complex geotechnical solutions. We self-perform work on own equipment with our skilled operators. Our in-house subject matter experts know the grouting processes completely and help clients with solutions to their complex processes.

Permeation grouting is probably the most common technique used to shore up or harden a volume of soil that needs to support a new set of loads in support of development or improvement. Permeation grouting technique is utilized to improve a specific soil’s capability to bear loads by reducing its permeability, its coherence, the makeup of the ground, or a combination of these outcomes.


  • Strengthen sands and gravels
  • Repairing structural & rock formations
  • Stop the flow of groundwater
  • Stabilize soils for tunnelling

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