Hayward City

Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists provides geotechnical solutions for the commercial market sector, including office buildings, hotels, distribution centers, and different structures. Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists, Inc. has the resources to excel in this environment to provide a dependable, quality product. The company has promoted strong connections with other companies of different trades by working together on these projects.

Grouting Contractor Services

Jet Grouting – Hayward City, CA

Jet Grouting in Hayward, CA Jet grouting is a soil improvement procedure utilized for modifying a soils strength and permeability. To achieve this process, Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists, Inc., injects grout or binders into the soil at a high velocity. These binders break up the soil formation and mix the soil particles in-situ to [...]

Permeation Grouting – Hayward City, CA

Permeation Grouting in Hayward, CA Geo Grout Ground Modification Specialists, Inc., grouting techniques provide solutions to a type of complex geotechnical solutions. We self-perform work on own equipment with our skilled operators. Our in-house subject matter experts know the grouting processes completely and help clients with solutions to their complex processes. Permeation grouting is probably [...]

Compaction Grouting – Hayward City, CA

Compaction grouting is a process of stabilizing the soil prior to construction. This is accomplished by drilling to a pre-determined depth below the surface and injecting a low-slump, low-mobility soil/cement grout into the ground. The grout mixture creates a pocket deep below the surface that grows as more grout is forced into the ground. As the pocket of grout expands, it compacts the soil around it, causing it to become more stable…